Colourful interiors – were they ever gone?

Surely 2022 needs to be our collective year of renewal and optimism, so while we wait ever so patiently let’s begin somewhere fun. Colourful interiors plays a major part in how we navigate through our feelings and our moods, so let’s not be shy.

New trends are bursting forth and risk in colour and pattern is certainly front and centre. Colourful interiors push the envelope for sure, but just like love the world doesn’t function as well without it.

Our tribe of designers have muddled through this stop, start world, with little or no opportunity to gather and collaborate, yet they have still managed to create some remarkable spaces.

I salute you all and for the colour nerds amongst us these bliss bombs are just for you….

The Fantales Kitchen by YSG. This important collaboration between Laminex and Yasmine Ghoniem, Founder of YSG Studio truly inspires every design muscle in my body. Yasmine was given full run of the Laminex Colour Collection to design this kitchen. Two new colours, Burnt Ochre and Moroccan Clay play as equal hero’s in the space. The meticulous attention to detail is insane.

Photographer: Derek Swalwell

The proof is certainly in the pudding when Interior Designer, Greg Natale is in the house. The Master of movement in colour who always surprises.  With so many things to love about this home in Dawes Point Sydney, which need no explaining, this sweet spot speaks to me. I love peeking through the mirror to imagine all the beauty that is beyond.

Joanne Odisho, a Student at RMIT University was the very recent winner of the VIC / TAS for Interior Decoration at the GOYTA 2021 Awards. Joanne was also winner of the Student (1-6) Award at this year’s Dulux Colour Awards. Her assignment was to create an exhibition space that centred around a three-dimensional piece of art.  Happiness exudes from each and every curve.