Powder rooms, not just a pretty face

Our first thought as designers is how pretty can powder rooms be, when we really must give equal time to their functionality. Yes, of course, we want them to impress our guests, but they also need to take a pounding from the numerous visits the family will impose. Who ever saw our teenagers walk all the way up that long, long staircase to use the family bathroom when the powder room was only a hop, skip and jump away.

Naturally, they become the pit stop for everything from a quick check of the lippy on the way out the door to the more discreet toileting activities that no one dares mention.

The smaller the room the more fun you can have. Be bold with your finishes. Brass fittings, mixed with colourful wallpaper will bring a smile to everyone who enter. Even a lick of a gutsy paint colour maybe enough to bring your under loved space to life.

This powder room designed by Adam Kane Architects ticks so, so many boxes. The colour palette feels like it emerged directly from the earth itself. The tile and the stone are robust and textural, allowing for the rough and tumble of family use. The rough rendered walls are sublime and give the room a historical element without any fuss. Who wouldn’t want to stay awhile in this space.

At first glance I found myself uttering the word ‘Sweet’ out loud. I mean come on, how delicious is every element in this space. This powder room, designed by Flack Studio is a masterclass in not only having the vision but also having a client willing to go on the ride with you. Not such an easy pitch when blush tones are the hero.

Every detail is rewarded. From the basin constructed entirely from CDK Rosa Calmante Quartzite to the Marcel Wanders, Boffi Pipe Wall Mounted Basin Mixer dancing off the stone.

David Flack I bow to your brilliance again.