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My journal about Interior Design

All the design elements I love that make happy homes

Get ahead of the curve

Created: 23 Nov 2021  / Categories: All the Sweet Spots

inspiration for Bobby Berk to design the island, the cabinetry fronts, and even the lighting with the curve in mind. This is ...

Vanity basins…. oh the glamour

Created: 12 Nov 2021  / Categories: Bathrooms

Vanity basins are more than just the work horses in our bathrooms. They can be what ever colour, shape, size and material ...

Mirror Mirror…..

Created: 27 Oct 2021  / Categories: All the Sweet Spots

Whether it is that last minute lippy application required on your way out, the double check of a left behind poppy seed after a relaxing breakfast, or the way to make a room seem larger than it ...

Colour Me Happy

Created: 18 Oct 2021  / Categories: All the Sweet Spots

Surely 2022 needs to be our collective year of renewal and optimism, so while we wait ever so patiently let’s begin somewhere fun. Colour plays a major part in how we navigate through our ...

Light up your life

Created: 05 Oct 2021  / Categories: Lighting

I never underestimate the attraction and importance of the table lamp when I am designing a space. Just like some of the best people in your life, they have distinct personalities. Serious, ...

Powder your Nose

Created: 19 May 2021  / Categories: Bathrooms

Powder rooms are certainly hard-workers. Our first thought as designers is how pretty can they be when we really must give equal time to their functionality.

Making an Entrance

Created: 19 Jan 2021  / Categories: Hallways

How an entrance to a home is designed is the beginning of a process that makes it truly hospitable. This delight for all the senses is designed by Kate Walker Design. Beechwood, a 1980's home on ...


Created: 19 Mar 2020  / Categories: All the Sweet Spots

Lighting is an art and a science. Domestically the experience should be all about the art and the balance is all about the science.

Come Sit With Me

Created: 11 Mar 2020  / Categories: All the Sweet Spots

The window seat came into fashion during the late 18th century. Georgian architecture specified tall, narrow sash windows and the seat filled the recess of the window. Really a settee without a ...