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All the Sweet Spots

Styling Spaces

As interior designers, we are often asked to help a client gussy up just one room, or even start with redesigning one corner in a space. This work doesn’t necessarily require concept documents or drawings. It may just start with help purchasing furniture, styling spaces, or even something as simple as the sourcing of paint colours to spruce up the outside of a home, which is actually not that simple. 😊

This can be many designers’ bread and butter and is just as important as the larger full-service renovations. These smaller jobs allow us to build relationships with our clients and create a history of goodwill and collaboration, hopefully ending in more opportunities.

Our expertise runs the gamut, we need to be subject matter experts on where to find everything from an antique cabinet door handle to ‘how high is too high to hang a curtain’.

Many times we get caught up in the work and don’t take the time to catalogue the end result. Here are some of the Sweet Spots that I have had the privilege and pleasure to work on.