Lighting is an art and a science. Domestically, the experience should be all about the art and the balance is all about the science.

When dealing with pendant lighting above a table, or bench, follow a couple of rules and you will be fine.

First, the size of the room and table should be a factor in your choice of light. Whether you hanker for one or three pendants, allow between 70-75cm from the top of the table to the bottom of the light to avoid obstructing any scintillating conversation.

Don’t forget to check which way your ceiling joists run, as a heavy light needs support.  Stud finders don’t always work. The easiest way is if you have a flush mount or fan in the room, undo the canopy and look into the ceiling with a mirror.

This dreamy dining area designed by Lucy Bock Design Studio and photographed by Sharyn Cairns renders me speechless every time.

How many pendants work best is a question often asked, although odd numbers are always in favour.  Measure the length of the table.  Say it’s 1800mm long. Then measure the widest area of the pendant. Say they are 500mm wide.  Allowing for 75-80cm in between each pendant and the same at either end, you could comfortably hang three pendants.

pendant lighting

The three pendant lights displayed above the island on the Hill House designed Decus Interiors and photographed by Anson Smart are a masterclass in symmetry and balance.

Lastly, dining room dimmers are essential, as a good mood can only enhance your cooking and some of us need all the help we can get.