The Window Seat


The window seat came into fashion during the late 18th century. Georgian architecture specified tall, narrow sash windows and the seat filled the recess of the window. Really a settee without a back, it usually stood as high as a chair would and the ends were always identical. Elegant and rich fabrics were used to upholster the cushion and ends.

The purpose of the window seat in this century hasn’t changed all that much, even if the design has. The added advantage of building it in, using a timber base helps with the ever-important storage problem that often dogs small spaces.

This welcoming design by Deanne Jolly offers the sitter and friends a plump seat cushion, which is crucial if you want people to truly use it. I would hope that you can lift the cushions and store all your children’s precious keepsakes under the lid.

I am guessing, but I am sure that the fabric of the throw and cushions reflect the occupier’s personality and they do make me smile.