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Kitchen with a Twist

Contemporary kitchen renovation

While working at World of Style by Porter Davis, I was part of the design team who refurbished the kitchen displays at World of Style.  The second area that we worked on was the Contemporary style kitchen.

Like both the Resort and Designer kitchens in the showroom, they had been designed and installed over 6 years ago and like all trends, we needed to give it a fresh face. Again the over arching theme throughout all the spaces was the use of the colours from nature. The new Laminex range was all about using colours that we find organically throughout the Australian landscape.

Many clients talk a lot about colour and how much they love colour, but when it comes to the kitchen they are timid about using anything but white in the kitchen. We wanted to show them that the overall tone of the space can still remain light, but use a colour that has warmth in the undertones.

Our brief for this kitchen was to keep it minimal. As it is a much smaller space we only needed the one wow factor and the Silestone Bianco Calcutta stone is king in this kitchen. A crisp white base with grey marble strongly meandering throughout each piece.

The warm, buttery tones in the Laminex Raw Cotton cabinetry is enough to start a conversation away from the ‘we think we want a white kitchen’.

We also wanted to keep a connection running between all the kitchens and the moody green behind the window and in the accessories is in keeping with our overall colours from nature theme.