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Inspired Spanish Mission

Bathroom renovation

This circa 1930s Spanish Mission apartment needed a little love in the bathroom department. Many of the architectural features were pristine on the exterior of the building but the functional aspects internally needed updating. The bathroom renovation was the first focus for the client.

Lisa had lived in this home for many years and felt it was due for a refresh. Bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side in this style of apartment. Concrete floors and old copper piping kept us on our toes during the construction phase. Structural issues were many and varied and until we opened up the existing walls, we were not completely sold on the design and what could be achieved in this Spanish Mission bathroom renovation.

The existing bath was replaced with the largest shower the room could handle. Storage was sorely lacking, so a wall-hung cabinet for towels was suggested. Also a vanity with generous drawers for all a girls bits and bobs was the one non negotiable from the beginning.

To find a way to connect the Spanish Mission period, but also give it a few contemporary touches we went for a black and white, decorative floor tile, mixed in with the more traditional fixtures and fittings for both the shower and on the vanity.

Using black and white tones in the room also helped keep the fuss at a minimum.