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It’s all in the Herringbone

Classic bathroom renovation.

While working at World of Style by Porter Davis, I was part of the design team who refurbished some of the displays at World of Style.  The classic bathroom renovation was on the list.

This important space showed off many of the fixtures and fittings available for people to put in their homes. Trends change quickly and builders in this space need to always be slightly ahead of what is hot.  Classic materials with a light dusting of contemporary were at the forefront of all our conversations when looking at renovating this space.

Herringbone tiling is loved by so many. Historically a timber flooring pattern, many designers are now using it with ceramics and porcelain tiles on vertical surfaces to add visual interest to a room. We took the tried and true subway tile and herringboned away. Adding a slightly darker grout not only added a more modern twist, it also helped link it to the larger format concrete tile that we used on the adjacent walls.

The white shaker style cabinetry is classic 101. Long Island, Montauk homes in the USA often use the darker benchtops with lighter cabinetry. It seemed like a great opportunity to use this combination in a small space that could take the darker tones.  A splash of pink used in the artwork never goes out of fashion.

Popping in the gunmetal tapware and lighting sconces is not typically classic but more and more we are seeing a melding of styles around this era with great success.