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Kitchen design with nature in mind

Designing kitchens that are on the small side are quite the challenge and this one is no exception. Functionality and budget are holding hands with equal grip, so I had to keep myself neatly on brief the whole way through this kitchen design process.

This couple are no fuss, love the outdoors and have a young daughter, so the kitchen needed to reflect and compliment their busy lifestyles.

The existing kitchen is original and lacks storage and modern amenities. I tried to maximise the space by opening the area up, so the living/dining and kitchen are a little more cohesive, without over whelming the other spaces.

The simplicity of the colour palette also reflects their love of nature, with the green wall tile enticing the foliage of the area to come inside.

The bank of drawers under the left hand side benchtop and as much over head cabinetry that I could get into the design, will help with all the bits and bobs that come with a growing family.

This is currently in concept stage with construction to commence soon.