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Sweet dreams are made of these


Bedrooms are the most personal of spaces. They are for contemplating, resting, meditating, loving, and sleeping of course, so master bedrooms need to show you they care. Colour comes into play a lot when designing a bedroom. Blues shades are the go-to colour for all the right reasons.
As this space has buckets of north light streaming in through the wall of windows, I picked a half strength, muddy blue paint colour for the walls and a warm grey carpet that has a hint of black to take the light and hold it.
I repurposed the bedside tables by painting them a stronger shade of the wall colour, adding glass tops, and changing the knobs to black. The curtains are linen with full thickness bumph and lining. They work equally as hard in the summer to protect the room from the midday sun, as they do to repel the cold in the winter months.
So, this master bedroom does not take itself too seriously, I added a painting with bursts of colour as a backdrop to the fun black and white printed lamp shades. This adds just enough interest without scrambling the resting brain.
So sweet dreams all.